Using kHistorian: the new shape of data. Plant floor data are a basic need for manufacturing enterprises, and they must be easy to collect and ready to access. KSE’s kHistorian makes this possible, reducing implementation costs and making data available to all levels, from production line to boardroom. Exploiting OPC connectivity and specific features of proprietary systems, kHistorian is easy to install and maintain. With KSE kHistorian, enterprises acquire a strategic tool solidly built on KSE’s experience as controllers manufacturer and solution provider.
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kHistorian can be configured according to production processes, and data are collected both by discrete–time polling and as substantial events occurs. Data transfer can be implemented both as batch and real-time processes, depending on real working conditions and job functions involved in the decision making. kHistorian reports are as simple as the rest of the product and give a synthetic presentation of historical data and trend analysis. kHistorian data are accessible by third-party products allowing for a total customization.
kHistorian is the KSE sw suite for MES – ERP integration with plant floor. With kHistorian, planning, tracking and tuning of the modern factory find the simplest and most complete solution.
Statistics and reports with projection
Full integration with KSE SCADA solutions
Data collection and management
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MES software Real-time plant floor data collection, organization and presentation. Essential information, where needed, when needed.